Mission Statement

CV Education Group has been branded as an outstanding educational institution for their spirit of unity, respect and love within their organisation.

“Let’s release our dreams to the world. Enjoy life with English”

Our institution values positive environment where students as well as staff feel safe and respected. With this in our hearts, whoever enters the CV Education Group community can grow and develop. We have created a safe space for students to learn English, Culture and Music. For our staff, it’s the experience of working along side us and the vast amount of development programmes we have that makes sure our staff can build an amazing career here.

“Education for all, Education for those in need”

With the correct team in place we could begin working on delivering our educational services. Our current volunteering programme and education for less privileged children has allowed us to spread our love to all corners of China. We value helping local communities by providing them with all resources they need to create the best teaching environment.

Diversity has been they key to our success. From our teachers to our students, we embrace the differences within us. Abuse of any kind is never tolerated in CV Education Group. Our teachers from all parts of the world deserve he highest of respect and are treated equally. Our Chinese members of staff receive support to make sure that they never feel disrespected and can come to work happy everyday. And most importantly all of our staff receive training to make sure our students are safe and happy.

With all that in mind, the parents of hundreds of students have the confidence that CV Education Group can provide the best of education for their children.