About CV Education Group

CV Education Group has made a bold statement in the educational industry. This is not only due to the services we provide or the excellent curriculum we create.

“Education for All, Education for the ones in need”

Our aim has not been to bring high level education to who have access to it, but to those don’t. CV EducationGroup has put a lot of energy into making sure that students from less privileged  communities can receive the same education as those where educational resources are taken for granted.

This includes:

  • Creating an efficient system of delivering teaching resources to places which cannot afford them
  • Sending our best teachers to schools where students wouldn’t have access to international education
  • Supporting schools in rural parts of China with class, curriculum and activities preparation

CV Education Group strives to become the leading educational consultancy in China. In our roots we have embedded the four-dimensional vision of English education which we deliver to our best partners in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces around China. Alongside our international counterparts, we aim to bring not only the most famous but the most effective English educational system worldwide.

Our courses, consultancy services and teachers are loved by parents, schools and most importantly students. With years of experience in delivering exceptional educational services to China, CV Education Group is able to make the best of pure international values combined with the passion for education in a Chinese environment.